Spring Is the Best Time of the Year to Plant for Your Landscaping Design and Beauty

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Blog | Comments Off on Spring Is the Best Time of the Year to Plant for Your Landscaping Design and Beauty

The nurseries are brimming with flowers and plants as the first signs of spring arrive at your doorstep. Spring is the best time to sow seeds both outside and inside and to put weeding at the top of your priority list. It’s the busiest season for a gardener with the winter clean-up taking place, mulch being removed and the designing of the garden occurring.

You’re probably itching to get right into your garden as soon as possible but it’s best to put off the actual garden work until the soil is dry enough. When the soil can no longer form a ball when compacted in your hands and has lost some of its moisture it’s time to get out in the garden and get dirty!

Spring is the start of your new garden

As you look at your garden with a spring perspective you’ll be able to create and design the garden with a new beginning in mind. You’ll have an open landscape in front of you that is just begging for new life. Instead of just picking out plants and flowers that you like randomly, you can put together a landscape design that will do justice to your home, lawn and yard.

Coming up with the design

If you have the gift of artistry at all it’s just a matter of envisioning the garden you want and then finding the right perennials or annuals that will complete the design. If you are like many people that love to garden but can’t design one from start to finish, you can ask a professional gardener for a consultation.

Starting with a clean slate

Once you have cleaned up the garden of any dead annuals, fallen branches and debris you’ll have the perfect starting ground to work with. There’s nothing better than creating a garden project in the spring and then nurturing it during the summer and fall months to make a gardener feel satisfied and complete.