Snow Management

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal Service in Hamilton

Although this may not be the most glamorous aspect of our job, it might just be the most important because of our customer’s safety. Having been in the snow removal business for almost ten years, I know the importance of a good quality service.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing that their property is in good hands. We are on call 24/7 during the winter months and are constantly checking our sites to make sure they are clear of snow and ice.  With insurance claims constantly on the rise for slip and fall claims it is very important to have your lot properly taken care of.  Each storm is very different from the last and this is when our experience will show.  Although it may seem funny at the time, I take pride in the fact that my employees enjoy bragging after a storm when their lots are the first to be clean and look the best!

Snow Plowing and De-icing Services in Hamilton

Some of our snow removal services include:

-Parking lot clearing and de-icing

-Side walk clearing and de-icing